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Reliable Point of Sale & IT Solutions

360° Solutions for Your Business


Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Being able to make faster decisions from real-time data at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world helps businesses to increase productivity, boost sales and minimize threats to your targets.

Network Administration and Consultation

Let Regional Integrated Systems Barbados help you connect, collaborate and share files among your team members while securing them from threats. 

Versatility in Application

Seamlessly integrate the most important aspects of your business giving you the ability to make decisions how and when you need to.

Inventory Management, Sales and Purchase Process Optimization

Point of Sale, warehousing fulfillment and inventory management solutions along with inventory counting services.

Full Customer Experience Service

Personalized customer service tailored to your specific needs when you need it most. 


Increasing productivity doesn't have to mean you are actually working harder, just more efficiently.

Are you as productive and profitable as you could be?

How much time do you lose during your commute just to click a button, count an item or even backup your financial data? Being able to analyze sales data, discount dusty inventory, provide payroll data, manage your daily appointments and targets or secure your financial data from wherever you are standing gives you more time to focus on the direction you want to take your business. To focus on where you want to be.

Our Featured Customers

Are you truly protected from the everyday threats to your business?

Secure iyour data today. Do you have to manage multiple passwords for your digital life? How do you secure your data from cyber and physical threats? Do you have a disaster management plan for you digital space? Let us help you manage your cyber security to ensure you don't lose what's important to you and your customers. 

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