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Tips When Buying a Printer

There is a piece of equipment in the home or office that we hardly take notice of until we need it, can anyone care to make a guess what it is? If you didn’t know it is the handy printer. I will explain some dos and don’ts when buying a printer.

  1. Don’t go by price alone: Take into consideration the type and amount of printing that will be done and how often you will need to print.

  2. All printers are not the same: There are 2 main types of printers in use now, Inkjet and Laser printers. For high volume printing, Laser printers which use toner cartridges would be better, high volume printing would be from 500 pages and up per month. Inkjet printers which use ink cartridges would be preferred for about 400 pages and under this is considered home office or home/student use.

  3. Cost of supplies: Some people say that it works out cheaper to buy a new printer when the ink runs out but this has two problems. That’s not good for the environment leaving loads of #e-waste and also you may end up getting an inferior model at a lower cost. Take note again of your printing needs. Some ink cartridges come in an XL version which has 2-4 times more ink than the regular size, so it would be advisable to invest in at least the XL Black since that is the one, in most cases, being used more frequently. Also, if color isn’t needed, especially in the office setting, a Monochrome Laser Printer would be advisable instead of keeping track of 4 toner cartridges. You only need to purchase one, this saves on the running cost of your printer.

So, with all this new information choose wisely on your next printer or supply purchase.

by D.A.

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